Octopus Tentacle Jewelry in Sterling Silver

Showcase Hawaii - Hawaii's Home Shopping Show

Designed locally by an artist and diver.  This beautifully hand casted tentacle jewelry was organically designed to create a stunning one of a kind look.  Open cuff is flexible so it wraps around your wrist in a whimsical manner.  The 10mm wide cuff is made of solid .925 Sterling Silver and weighs 1.5 ounces.  Matching earrings are 1 1/2" tall and have a post that goes through your earring hole and cuff is integrated into the design to hold it in place on the top of your ear.  Matching necklace is 1 1/4" wide and has a delicate yet stylish horizontal modern design.  Necklace has chain integrated into the design.  .925 Sterling Silver.  Limited availability!

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