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Lio Kai Seahorse Pave Pendant

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Our Lio Kai (Seahorse) Pave Pendant is stunning! Individual cubic zirconia stones are set in a .925 Sterling Silver base. The fine detailing and cubic zirconia eye capture the light beautifully as it hangs from an 18” adjustable chain. Available in Gold Plated, Rose Gold Plated and Silver finishes.

The seahorse is represented in many cultures, each attributing the animal with a unique significance. Hawaiians view the animal as a sign of eternal friendship. Ancient Greeks associated it with the strength and power of the sea god Neptune. Sailors wear the image of the seahorse as a good luck charm. an animal symbolic of confidence, persistence and great perception. Seahorses have a prehensile (grasping) tail that they can use to hold onto corals.

  • .925 Sterling silver
  • Choose from gold plated, rose, gold, plated, or silver
  • Includes an 18 inch adjustable chain
  • Approximately one and a half inches tall