Hibiscus Flower Bangle w/ New Extension

Showcase Hawaii

921 951

New Design! New Colors!  You are going to love these bracelets because we made them especially for you!  9 new colors to choose from.  This is a Showcase Hawaii original design and no one else on earth has them!  This new bracelet is 1/2" wide and has a magnetic removable extension piece in gold with a basketweave design that expands the bangle from a standard size 8" to a size 9".  Can be worn with or without the extension for a different look!

Choose from our pre- matched sets or choose your own custom colors by writing us a message to let us know which ones you would like.  

Classic:   Red, Black & Green

Modern:  Purple, Pink & Blue

Vintage:  Coral, Yellow and Teal

SPECIAL SET of 3 Bangles includes 3 FREE Extensions!