Ekolu Tri-Color Hawaiian Scroll Bracelets

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So everyone has been asking do I really get three bracelets?  Yes!  It's three bracelets in one stunning design! `Ekolu means “Three” in Hawaiian and our `Ekolu Bracelet has the power of three bracelets intertwined together to make one stunning piece of jewelry.  Each bracelet has its own color and design.  The Gold Plated bracelet is engraved with a Maile design.  The Silver bracelet is engraved with a Plumeria design and the Rose Gold plated bracelet is engraved with a traditional Heritage design.  All are made with .925 Sterling Silver. 

  • 3 Bracelets intertwined into 1 (all three bracelets included in great price!)
  • Maile Leaf Design - Gold Plated over .925 Sterling Silver
  • Heritage Design - Rose Gold over .925 Sterling Silver
  • Plumeria Design - .925 Sterling Silver
  • 4mm Width (our most requested width -- and on trend!)
  • Beautiful and matches everything!
  • Free Shipping included.