4mm Keiki Hawaiian Heirloom Bangle 14K Gold over Sterling Silver

Showcase Hawaii - Hawaii's Home Shopping Show


So many of you are looking for an extra special Keiki Bangle that's adjustable and affordable.  This is a gift that will grow with a child.  Just pull gently to make it bigger or squeeze gently to make it small enough for a baby or a toddler.  Perfect for a baby luau and photos!

  • 14K Gold over ,925 Sterling Silver
  • Hawaiian Heirloom Scroll Design
  • 4mm width is on trend
  • One size - Adjustable from size 4.5 to size 6 

Bracelet size is measure around the knuckles, not the wrist but because you can squeeze it to make it smaller around the wrist it will fit a baby or toddler better and not fall off.