Monstera Leaf Enameled Bangle Set of 3

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This is a best seller!!  Perfect gift for all ages!  We sell out every year - so be sure to order early for Christmas or your special event.  Everyone loves these vibrant tropical colors and the iconic Monstera Leaf design.  Easy to wear hinged opening so you can put it on and take it off.  These can go right on your wrist and when closed the inside measures approx. 8 inches in a circle = size 8 bracelet. 

Great price!!  $36 for a Set of 3.

Pick Three Colors:

  • Black, Red, and Green
  • Purple, Pink and Teal (Turquoise Blue)
  • Ocean Blue or Gold 
  • 14mm (approx 3/4" wide)
  • Size 8 bracelet = 8 inches in a circle (measurement is around your wrist)

Yes!  You get all three bracelets for just $36 includes gift bag & Free Shipping!!!